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FAQ. Members can't join - Confirmation emails not received - Read first!

Confirmation Emails not received. 

Usually not a bug but a problem with email provider. Some users may be experiencing a problem with their particular sites, however. 

Members are trying to sign up and everything seems fine, but the confirmation email does not appear in their email inbox. 

Member  should look in their spam or bulk mail folder. If the email is not there, they may need to use a different email provider, such as gmail or yahoo. Unfortunately, some email providers block all such emails before they even hit the users' inboxes or spam folders, in an attempt to reduce spam. We cannot force these emails through. If this is your members' issue, they will need to use a different email provider. 

You can test it, of course, by creating a new Yahoo! account and signing up on your site with the test email address, to see that you will indeed receive the confirmation email. 

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